What is Blogstralia?

I don’t think I can define what Blogstralia is in a single category, as it’s a lot of things at once. In my best words, I always wanted Blogstralia to be a go to place to find the latest information on a variety of Australia’s hottest topics. From politics to fashion, skateboarding to music, I wanted it to be a massive collage of sorts of different information and media.

I believe we’ve accomplished that, honestly.

When it comes to choosing our Writers, Editors & Designers, I only choose the most talented people I can find. This isn’t to discourage you, but I want to make sure that our viewers receive only the best content on a daily basis. I don’t want us to report on rumours and ‘fake’ news, I want Blogstralia to eventually become one of Australia’s best sources of online information.


Zack Wellman – Founder & News Director

Hey there! My name’s Zack, and I founded Blogstralia from my home computer in 2014. I spend most of my time writing the articles that you read here, as well as managing the business side behind the scenes. I make sure that our team are organized so that we can effectively deliver the best information on a daily basis. I love music, designing and writing!

Email: zack@blogstralia.com 

Rosanna Jacobson – Fashion Reporter

Rosanna joined the team early in it’s development, and provides some of the best fashion related content within Australia. Her father, Michael Jacobson, otherwise known as “Mr Informer” for the Gold Coast Bulletin, so journalism is fairly popular in her family. She’s also the Lead Singer of her band Here’s To Neverland, and performs live across Australia.

Email: rosie@blogstralia.com

Arlie Allen – Journalist

Arlie also joined at an early stage, and brings a unique and uplifting energy to the team. He’s an active YouTuber, and enjoys listening to music on rainy days. You’ll most likely find him filming a new video, or writing another article in his room.

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