METALLICA Admits They Might Be Getting Too Old To Play Metal


METALLICA has been rockin’ stages since the 80’s, and the question that’s been in the back of our minds for a long time, are they getting too old to play, has been given an answer.

During an interview with Kerrang! the band broke the news to everyone, and honestly the answers are a little heart-breaking, as Guitarist Kirk Hammet admits that his arms just aren’t what they used to be.

“It’s the physical aspect. Tendonitis, tinnitus, ligament atrophy, accidents, repetitive stress injury, tennis elbow… those things creep into the mix. It’s like, ‘Fucking hell, man, I want to play guitar, but my shoulder and elbow are screaming ‘no!’ Your head wants to do one thing and your body wants to do another thing. That’s a big obstacle that we’ll have to confront in our individual way.” – Kirk Hammet

While frontman James Hetfield speaks on behalf of the band and openly admits that the band is just getting old.

“Sometimes my throat just says, ‘Fuck you, James, not tonight!’ Or Lars’ shoulder, or Rob’s [Trujillo, bass] leg cramps, or Kirk’s knee, whatever it may be, we’ve all got our things and we work through it. We just pay attention to them!” – James Hetfield

Then drummer Lars Ulrich wonders aloud how long the band will be able to keep it up.

“The main thing that I truly don’t feel that I can really help shape is the physical side of what we do. It’s getting tougher and tougher. I don’t know how long it can last in terms of the physicality of it — can we do this when we’re 60 at this level? At 70?” – Lars Ulrich

It’s disheartening to think that one day, Metallica is going to have to hang up the towel. Yet MetalInjection posed a serious question, “does the world really need 70-year old Metallica up on stage butchering all their songs?”

I’ve seen a few people on Blabbermouth calling out the band over this decision, comparing them to the likes of Bruce Springsteen & Slayer. Just remember that people age differently, and after years of mental and physical exhaustion, sometimes your body wants to give up before your mind does.

I may be a die-hard Metallica fan, but I’d rather see them call it quits when they can’t perform up to their own standards anymore. Although it is obvious to see they’ve got a few more years left in them, which is why fans are still eagerly awaiting a new album from the metal legends.

Quotes via Kerrang! & MetalInjection


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