Taking The Rap Scene By Storm: Allday

Image ALLDAY, one of Australia’s most talented and fastest growing rappers, recently showed some of his dedicated fans his debut album, Startup Cult, in a unique way. With the help of his management team, OneTwo, founded by fellow Australian rapper, Illy, a bus was hired to take his fans on a cruise to listen to the new tunes.

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones chosen. As we quickly filled the charter bus, we were all greeted with a brown bag sitting on the seat, curiosity struck and everyone quickly opened to find a  portable speaker with the instructions being to “Listen to Allday, ALL DAY!”.

After everyone was seated on the bus, we drove from Federation Square and onwards to Chapel Street, Prahran, while listening to some great new music from his upcoming album, Startup Cult.

After a fair bit of driving, and with our eardrums savouring the new tunes, we suddenly stopped on Chapel Street, and Allday informed us we were all stopping to get a burger and chips. The whole bus roared with excitement at the announcement!

We all jam-packed into Lord of the Fries, and Allday spoke to everyone individually while we all ate. After eating a great meal, we all got back inside the bus and drove towards St. Kilda Beach while finishing the listening of the album.

On arrival at St. Kilda Beach, we had stopped for photos with Allday. We all waited for selfies, double chins and smiles with Allday himself.

Overall, the bus trip was great, and I am sure I speak for everyone on the bus. A huge thank-you to Allday for connecting to his fans in such a great way!

You can hear Alldays debut album Startup Cult on July 4. Listen to his previous music on his YouTube channel.

Story by Arlie Allen

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