Double Lined Minority – Next stop, the Moon!

'Double Lined Minority' have become one of the most talked about young bands in Australia.

Jack Merriman (far left), Blair Klein (left), Eddie Salazar (right) & Cameron Griffiths (far right)

GOLD COAST rockers ‘Double Lined Minority’ have come a long way since they started in 2009, and have since led an incredibly successful journey into the music industry.

With two releases already under their belt, Double Lined Minority are showing no signs of stopping. Performing at the Big Day Out, and opening for rock legends Smash Mouth, the group has developed a unique reputation for their high energy shows and wild on-stage antics leaving fans and critics alike craving more.

“…One of the hardest working bands and have delivered a mature and polished sound that is the quality of a band signed to a major label” – Australian Music Network

After performing across the East Coast & beyond, the group embarked on their first international tour in 2013 ahead of their release “Calling All Liars”, raising the bar from their 2011 debut, “With Fingers Crossed”.

The band recently released the music video for their single, “White Flag”, written after Eddie’s home-country The Philippines was hit by Typhoon Yolanda.

'Double Lined Minority' are known for their high energy shows.

‘Double Lined Minority’ are known for their high energy shows.

Double Lined Minority have secured a spot as one of Australia’s most sought after bands, and at the ages of 19 and 20 respectively, they’ve carved a golden road into their adult lives as one of the most promising young talents in Australia.

I managed to a talk to Vocalist & Guitarist Eddie Salazar before writing this article, and asked him a few questions about Double Lined Minority, his inspirations and what motivates the band to keep moving forward!

1) Who/what inspired you and the guys to form Double Lined Minority?
It was bands like blink182, Green Day and Fall Out Boy that inspired Cameron and I to form the band way back in highschool. Since then our inspirations vary because art is so available these days, there’s always something new to interest you.

2) What struggles/hardships have you had to go through to get to the point you’re at now?
There’s a lot of factors to key in. Availability is a big one because we’re all either studying or working. Credibility is another, I really wanted to push us as musicians and not just be some ‘punk’ band not knowing what they’re playing or some ‘pretty’ band who rely on their image, I take band practice pretty seriously and sometimes we spend as long as 3 hours tackling one song until it sticks. And money because being in a band drains you of it haha.

3) Are you guys as close off-stage as you are on?
I’d say so. Like I’ve mentioned before, Cameron and I went to high school together and we are currently doing the same course in university. Blair was also our high school mate and Jack is just an all round good guy. Touring has definitely gotten us closer as a band.

4) The music industry is a hard one to make a dent in, so what has motivated you all to keep striving towards global domination?
Once you’re obsessed with something, you do not stop! And I’m obsessed with working with my band. I don’t compare myself to a lot of bands either and I think that keeps your head above the water and yet still grounded. As a band we focus on personal success no matter how small and are content with it. We’re goal setters and that’s what keeps us organised enough to stay in track.

It’s fairly easy to see that Double Lined Minority and it’s members are dedicated to their musical journey, so it’ll be awesome to see how far they can go! I’m predicting a “Live on the Moon” tour in a few years.

If you’d like to support Double Lined Minority, you can check out their Facebook Page, and grab some tickets for their “White Flag” single launch tour, kicking off in July!
WhiteFlagSingleLaunchTour (1)

Story by Zack Wellman

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