Booval Night Market – Family, Food and Fun!

Night Market's organizer Edmond Wong sporting a thumbs up with Mayor Paul Pisasele at the first market event. Source: HushHushBiz

Night Market’s organizer Edmond Wong sporting a thumbs up with Mayor Paul Pisasele at the first market event in May. Source: HushHushBiz

EVERY Saturday, an incredible community of cooks, artists and musicians come together at the weekly Booval Night Market. I was in attendance at the most recent one, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in what essentially becomes one of the most crowded carparks in Australia. Not only was there live entertainment and the best foods from all corners of the globe, there was plenty of places for visitors to spend their hard earned cash, with some fantastic stores selling home-made products ranging from necklaces and ear-rings, to custom painted hats and t-shirts.

What many would of seen as the highlight, Big Brother contestant Ben Zabel and his mother, Margaret, were in attendance, with Ben bringing his cheerful personality to the centre stage. Sporting his trademark smile, Ben had no problem answering a few questions about his stint on Big Brother and how quickly his life changed after his departure from the house, afterwards heading into the crowd to take selfies with fans and supporters, hugging and joking around with everyone who came up to him.

Big Brother contestant Ben Zabel was in attendance at the most recent Booval Night Markets.

“It’s quite an amazing atmosphere, I’ll definitely be bringing my children back next Saturday” said one of the parents in attendance, her children quite happily occupied within one of the jumping castles. With music filling all the empty space in the air, families and couples walked throughout the many stalls that were set-up, even indulging in the odd bite to eat from one of the many food booths full of the worlds finest foods and delicacies. I even took a short break to try out some Bratwurst, Butter Chicken and even a Churro (or 3), and all of them were amazing!

After a long and memorable night, I can honestly say I highly recommend that you make the trip out to the Booval Shopping Centre one night and check it out for yourself! And make sure you have an empty stomach beforehand, there is lots to taste!

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to check out the Booval Night Market website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

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