Countdown to Armageddon release “Segitiga Spirit Ground” Music Video!

Sunshine Coast Metal/Hardcore band “Countdown to Armageddon” have just released the new music video for their track “Segitiga Spirit Ground”, written as a tribute after the bands recent trip to Indonesia’s Jambi City, where they were accepted into the cities local Metal/Hardcore family, consisting of over 1000 people, with love and open arms. The track is a heartfelt tribute to the families kindness and acceptance of the band, and hits close to home if you truly understand the lyrics.

“Countdown to Armageddon” have two CD’s under their belt, their ‘Exodus EP’ in 2010 and ‘Hollow Thought Of An Aimless Man’ in 2012, been support acts for bands such as ‘In Hearts Wake’, ‘Parkway Drive’, ‘Buried in Verona’, ‘Northlane’ and ‘Hand of Mercy, and travelled to Indonesia to complete their first international tour.  Countdown to Armageddon are set to unleash their 3rd CD in July 2014, so make sure you head over and like their Facebook page and/or follow their Twitter account to keep up to date!

“This song was inspired by the beautiful people of Jambi City (Indonesia), we were strangers in their country and they accepted us with love, as brothers. ‘Segitiga Spirit Ground’ is the name of their Metal/Hardcore family consisting of over 1000 people.  Meaning ‘Stranger Spirit Ground’ in English, it is an acknowledgement that they are aware of the powerful unseen energy that binds them and the rest of the human race as one.” – Countdown to Armageddon, 2014

You can download “Segitiga Spirit Ground” for free on Countdown to Armageddon’s SoundCloud.

 Keep up to date with Countdown to Armageddon’s release shows for their newest EP, coming in July 2014.

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