‘Banned’ Grey Poupon Ad: “What do you Poupon?”



Is your funny bone tickled by poop jokes and toilet humour? Then boy oh boy, do we have the video for you.

Comedy group Online Broadcast Virtual Station, or OBVS for short, has released a parody commercial for popular mustard brand Grey Poupon, asking viewers the subtle question “What do you Poupon?”. Featuring hilarious one-liners such as “I Poupon my kids lunches” and “I Poupon my husbands chest”, the ad has been promoted as a ‘Banned’ Commercial, yet has no connect to the Kraft brand or it’s advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

It’s near impossible to mistake this ad for authentic, and the ‘Banned’ title is probably the only reason it was even pushed into viral territory.

“We came up with a backstory of an executive who was really trying to make a great commercial and didn’t see how it had gone terribly wrong,” said Adam Grimes, one of the creators of the commercial. “There’s an innocence about it because everyone in the ad is taking it completely seriously. They’re really selling it.”

OBVS make and distribute digital shorts on YouTube as a method of harnessing their comedic and technical talents, and have even dipped their toes in commercial territory before, shooting a video dubbed “Attraction Music” as a submission to the “Dorito’s Crash the Superbowl” contest in 2013.

The main reason I found this ad slightly unrealistic was the fact there wasn’t a single fart noise when squirting the mustard, which as we all know, always happens.

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