Australian YouTubers – Social Media Revolution

For a few months, I’ve been following the extremely active “Australian YouTubers” Facebook group, and in my time there I’ve seen some amazing things. Since it’s creation, the group has been a go to source for information, updates and advice for the Australian YouTubing community, with over 1000 members it has become one of the most popular focused YouTube groups on Facebook.

Created in 2013 by Mathew McKenna, ‘Australian YouTubers’ has quickly become one of the most popular Australian Groups on Facebook. Currently hosting over 1000 members, it has spawned somewhat of a Social Media Revolution with the group expanding to Facebook Pages & Twitter Accounts to help support it’s massive user base.

From speaking to Mathew, it’s easy to tell he’s dedicated to serving the Australian YouTubing community with the best possible platform to not only give/receive advice on their own channels, but to be able to support and form friendships with others to create what some may call a “National Family” of YouTubers.

I’ve been in contact with multiple members of the community, and all of them have had the same response, “I love the Australian YouTubers group”. It’s safe to assume that Mathew has started more then just another Facebook Group, but a loving family that’s spanning across the entire nation. Events in the past organized within the group have been extremely successful, their most recent being at YouTube FanFest in Sydney.

They were also one of the main sources of information for the Melbourne Meetup earlier this year, in which influential YouTubers like “FoodForLouis” And “CakesByChoppa” were in attendance. Mathew has also let me know they’re in the process of organizing a string of instructional meetups, in which people can come and learn “How To YouTube” from experienced Content Creators.

For anyone whose feeling inspired, feel free to head over and join the Australian YouTubers community. If you’d like to get in touch with Mathew, you can contact him via the group, he’s never too far from home.


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